The 2000+ Kanji in 97 days challenge!

In my never ending quest of Japanese language proficiency I came across an ebook entitiled ‘How to learn Japanese in a year’ by the Nihongo Shark team available by signing up to their newsletter.

Of particular note was the section on how to learn the 2,000+ (2,230 to be exact) Joyo Kanji in 97 days which you can find here.

As you can see this is no small feet as 2,000+ kanji look a little something like this


The article recommends using the following resources in order to maximise the learning process.

  1. Anki Flashcards
  2. Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji
  3. Reviewing the Kanji

So from the 3rd of March 2014 until the 3rd of May 2014 I will be using the above resources and will document my progress here.

See you in 3 months!

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