The 2000+ Kanji in 97 days challenge! – Week 4

Reviewing the Kanji – Stats for 2014-03-29

Reviewing the Kanji – Stats for 2014-03-29

624 Kanji in and things are really starting to pile up!

I currently have 52 Kanji in my restudy deck which I really ned to get round to fitting in especially as over 20 of these are Kanji that I have yet to successfully recognise and recall.

After around Kanji number 516 Heisig stops providing complete Kanji stories and only provides a listing of the main primitives encouraging you to come up with your own stories. This is quite clearly something that I have not yet mastered however the community at ‘Remembering the Kanji’ (RTK) have provided numerous stories for each of the Kanji and I have begun incorporating some of these stories into my study.

The upside of this is that the stories provided by the community at RTK are far more outlandish and wacky the Heisig’s stories so many of them are becoming far easier to recall.

The primary piece of advice I would give anyone else studying this method is to ensure that the Kanji reviews are done on a daily basis as there is nothing more discouraging then seeing over 80 Kanji for review plus 22 new to learn on a particular day.

In an effort to reduce the ever increasing stack of forgotten Kanji I will aim to record each time a Kanji has been forgotten thus giving me a better idea on the Kanji stories that I need to revisit and concentrate on, most likely this will be around the 5 Kanji mark.



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